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Across the modern world today, very short hairstyles for women are gaining a huge amount of popularity and creativity as they act as a source of empowerment and inspiration for the female sex. Today, stylists are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to incorporate bangs, layers, and vibrant cuts into the short hairstyle, to help ensure that women can show off their personality through their look in the most unique possible way. Many new varieties of classic short hairstyles like bobs and pixie cuts are emerging in the fashion world, with ideas for hairstyles that are growing shorter than ever.

From unconventional styling solutions to incorporating new and impressive colors into the mix, there are plenty of great ways that you can rediscover your inner power with a super-short hairstyle. In the following we'll consider just some very short hairstyles for women that have made the cut in recent years.

1. Undercut Pixie Cut

Similar to a standard pixie cut, this particular hairstyle takes short to the next level by providing a back and sides focus that is much shorter than the rest of the hair. This helps to create a more detailed concept of perception and length, while ensuring that focus is on the face.

2. Triangle Undercut

Designed to make use of fantastic geometric shapes, this haircut is a form of disconnected undercut that uses a tapered back and sides styling to bring forward triangle shapes around the ears for a balanced yet modern style. The length remaining on the top of the head leaves space for plenty of innovative styling ideas and fun that can be had with mousses and various products.

3. Textured Bob

For a bit of fun with a classic style, why not opt for a super-short textured bob? Upbeat and exciting, this is one of the most popular in the list of very short hairstyles for women, as it still leaves plenty of room for styling, plus added texture and movement in the form of layers for a multifaceted style.

4. Blended Pixie

Another take on the popular pixie cut look, this version of the cut uses shaving techniques around the back and sides to blend down into an almost bald appearance. In other words, all of the style is focused on the very top of the head, and can give a polished and fun look to the wearer.

5. Modern Mohawk

If you're looking for very short hairstyles for women that show off your underlying attitude, then only a few could be better than a modern style Mohawk. This look is curlier and softer than the standard and classically aggressive Mohawk but the strict style remains the same. You can keep your sides soft and tapered, with the length in the middle able to be used in range of different ways.

6. Asymmetrical Cut

If you like coloring outside of the lines, then this could be the look for you. Placing a dramatic emphasis on the standard short cut, it features a beautifully long style on one side of the head, contrasted against a shorter cut on the other side of the head.

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