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If you're looking for a way to change your everyday look or try something new that will help you shake off a boring style, then why not look at some trendy hairstyles for women? There are plenty of design ideas out there to inspire you, from modern and dramatic cuts that are bound to make a long-lasting impression, to simple and sophisticated looks perfect for making a splash at the office. The following are just a few of our favorite trendy hairstyles for women to get you started.

1.) The Tousled Top Knot

The top knot is a textured and cool way to keep your hair organized without getting that horrible snobby-teacher look. To get a great style, just work some mousse through damp hair and rough-dry it, embracing your natural texture for a great messy appearance. Once your hair is totally dry, you can use your fingers instead of a brush to sweep it upwards towards the crown. Tie your ponytail with elastic, then loop everything around the base carefully and secure it with some bobby pins.

2.) The Ombre Highlights

Ombre hair shouldn't look ridiculous, so try to avoid picking two colors that clearly weren't designed to complement one another. Instead, speak to your stylist about getting some highlights that are only a little lighter than your natural hue, and make sure those light parts get worked perfectly into the lower party of your hair. Try to leave the roots completely untouched, and you should be able to avoid touching up your color for at least six months.

3.) The Low Sleek Bun

If you really want this look to stand out, try using some shine spray to make your chignon sparkle with classic sophistication. Just add some smoky eyes and you'll have a smoldering style that's perfect for a night on the town. To get this look, just create a center part and clip a one-inch chunk of hair aside from each side of your line. Gather the rest into a little ponytail and roll it up from the nape of your back towards the base, pinning it against your head. Pull each of the front pieces back around the loop and pin those into place too.

4.) Volume-Boosting Bangs

Bangs are a fantastic way to add some quick texture and fullness to hair that might otherwise be fine and flat. Ask your stylist for a great way to style your bangs, or stick to the classic brow-skimming side-swept solution if you want a style that suits just about anyone.

5.) Natural Curls

Finally, why not take advantage of your natural beauty with some lush and sexy curls. This particular type of trendy hairstyles for women really only works if you've got the right hair to begin with, but with straight hair, you can wrap one-inch sections of your hair around a curling iron and hold the look with firm hair-spray. If you're born with awesome curls, then you just need to stretch them out slightly with some styling cream. Don't forget to separate the curls at the end with your fingers.

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